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Again we agree, except for one point ("Between 20 and fifty people are probably directly responsible for the WTC -- you want to slice, dice, fold, spindle and mutilate those sonsabitches, you have at it with my blessing."). That many may be directly responsible for THIS attack (and of course many of them are already dead), but maybe more. Don't forget all the other attacks against US targets in recent years. The # of members of terrorist cells worldwide is far greater, and they exchange intel, personnel, resources and training, I have read (I'll confirm this with an ex-CIA friend). There are numerous nations with a history of giving training and harbor to terrorists: Syria, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Libya, African nations, and I'm sure China and Russia, among others. So, the enemy is bigger, and for every one Tango we neutralize, at least one more steps forward, with promises of eternal happiness and 15 virgin wives . Tough to deal with suicidal fanatics, but we must. If, in the course of waging declared WAR, there are some civilian casualties in a place like Afghanistan, so be it. Its people ostensibly have a choice, and the leaders they have chosen have become terrorists or support terrorism (unfortunately after being trained as Mujahadin, by the US ). I'm sure you don't need a lecture on this.

I absolutely agree with you that everyone needs a cool head here at home, in dealing with immigrant fellow Americans. To target US residents because they resemble "Ay-rabs" as another post said, is terrible and makes us no better than our enemy. Remember Manzanar, as ArmySon reminds us.
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