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If--and it's still an "if"--this is the work of Bin Laden's group, then I'm afraid that so-called innocents may have to be killed as part of the retaliation. Today the Pakistani ambassador to Afghanistan spoke with the Taliban and relayed the message that the Taliban did not support the attack, but cannot get rid of Bin Laden because he has the support of the people. If the Afghani people support this effort, then they are culpable as well. Hitler had the support of German non-combatants, and we bombed them as well. When was the last time a war was conducted in which non-combatants were not targeted, much less killed?

If our government implicates Bin Laden, I would like to see GW order a medium-strength attack against some part of the Afghani infrastructure. Then, he should offer Afghanistan the opportunity to surrender on the condition that their government deliver Bin Laden and all associated with him to our government for trial and execution. He should also warn them of the horrible consequences to their people if the conditions are not met. A warning shot, then an ulitimatum.
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