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I'm with ya, 'Dog. Rule No. 3 was never more appropriate - "Be sure of your target and what's behind it" (on so many levels).

My best friend in the 'hood is Moroccan. He's a naturalized Ameican citizen, self-made (put himself thru school), a good father, very hard working, and an all around good guy. He loves this country, is very proud to be here, works hard at helping his kids to assimilate, and is absolutely heartbroken over yesterday's events, yet he's had to put up with some rather stupid remarks from a couple of ignorant co-workers (he's 6'4", 240# and a fine athlete, and could easily smack them around if he were that kind of guy.) He leads his company's MS "Ride for the Cure" team, is usually among the first to show up for neighborhood clean-ups, etc, and he's a Muslim. I'm proud to have him for a friend and a neighbor. So let's can the posturing, vitrolic and generalizations until we KNOW who we're mad at.

All in good time, my friends, all in good time., but let's be sure.
The Second Amendment IS homeland defense!
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