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Okay, people.


Do we want vengeance? Hell, yes.

Do we deserve vengeance? Bloody right we do.

I don't know about anyone else, but I want to write: Don't **** with us! in forty-foot letters, using the blood of those responsible for ink. If Osama bin Laden were in front of me, I'd tie his guts to a tree and chase him around it twenty or thirty times.

However: NO INNOCENTS. Attacking innocent victims is their game -- not ours. WE ARE AMERICA -- WE ARE NOT A TERRORIST NATION -- PERIOD.

We need to drop the hammer on whoever is responsible for this -- we DO NOT need to espouse the nuking of cities holding 100,000 or more innocents just to hammer two or three cockroaches. We DO NOT need to terrorize loyal Americans just because their gene pool originated in the Middle East.

Between 20 and fifty people are probably directly responsible for the WTC -- you want to slice, dice, fold, spindle and mutilate those sonsabitches, you have at it with my blessing.

No more talk of nuking cities, cluster-bombing crowds or anything else similar. That is their game, played on their turf, using their rules.

To hell with that crap. We do it our way. We do it righteous.

One other thing. Don't let the emotion of the last day cloud your thinking here on TFL.

Debate other TFL Members using facts and logic. Don't let the emotion of the last hours goad you into saying something to another TFL Member that you can't take back.

God bless.

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