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Originally Posted by dogtown tom View Post
The more the OP posts, the more ???? it raises.

Spot on.

This is what strikes me as odd about this thread.....if you are "trained" it usually means you have significantly more experience with firearms than the average man on the street and selection of the handgun would be a no brainer. The way your question was phrased in the OP didn't lead me to believe you had any training or experience either.

You are concerned about overpenetration, being unable to properly conceal your handgun and if printing the reaction of other members of your congregation. All valid concerns, but if you are as well trained as you believe, you would surely know that .380 is often faulted as an under penetrating round. And being well trained means you are aware of the limitations of small pocket pistols, blowback actions and greatly reduced magazine capacity compared to others.

Your choice of clothing impacts what method of carry, what type of holster and what type or size of handgun. Telling the forum what you wear to church would be helpful.

"Printing" is 99% YOUR fear, 1% "what's that bulge?". Unless you wear lycra shirts two sizes too small its unlikely that any other churchgoer will notice a handgun sized bulge. If they do observe the bulge, the majority will assume its a cellphone, a diabetics belt bag or Depends.

If your Sunday dress is a coat or could hide any handgun OWB.
If your Sunday dress is a polo or sport shirt, wear it untucked and IWB.
You could also go with a holster that doesn't look like a holster:

Complied with what? Having a 9mm/.40/.45? or that when you are in the office they see your gun?
As I said before I’m trained full size combat arms, not pocket 380s. I don’t shoot them. These ???? You are so concerned about are irrelevant to just getting some product reviews. Do I have to submit a resume just to get a product review? Fine, my background is military, not civilian gun enthusiast. I know tactics, combat, and procedures. I’m lacking firearm knowledge that didn’t have to do with military service. I was trained on the beretta, have carried a 226 for several years. I have the army commendation medal with valor for combat operations in Iraq. I scored expert in pistol, machine gun, rifle, and grenade courses. I’m known for my awareness and by the book procedure following and that is why I was asked to serve on security.
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