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I disagree on the outcome had he been armed and able to get off a couple of shots without being disarmed. Those punks count on scaring the [email protected] out of the unaware & alone. Once you started firing into them and a couple went down, I bet they would have scattered like farts in a wind storm (not that I'm anxious to test this theroy, however).

Like most criminals, they're basically cowards and opportunists, trashing things that can't/won't hit back and then running before the 'authorities' arrive. Though I would hope never to find myself in such a situation, if they had tried to trash my bimmer ('beamers' are BMW motorcycles ) with me in it, it would be time to repel boarders with teh help of my friends, Mssrs. Heckler & Koch, who'd be spitting some of Peter Pi's tastiest 185 gr +P .45 nuggets in their direction. I respect thier right to voice an opinion, but I'll be damned if I'm going to be used as a punctuation mark
The Second Amendment IS homeland defense!
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