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Okay, I started this thread so it is time I put in my two cents.

First: A body has been found in the rubble and is assumed to be Mr. Beck until proven not.

Second: The cannisters used were definitely of the incendiary type not the burstiing or liquid type. There were numerous cannisters thrown at the home's upper floor windows and a couple of these bounced off streaming gas the entire time. One, which missed the room where the fire started, landed on the patio roof and continued to roll around streaming gas visibly. Another went into the room where the fire stared about three or four minutes later. It was at this time that I saw black smoke starting to appear while the talking heads on FOX were saying "you can see the teargas coming from the windows." Of course, I'm screaming at the TV that this house is on fire as evidenced by the black smoke, teargas is white, and that pieces of matter were coming from the window, probably synthetic curtain material, and landing on the patio roof. It took the presence of real flames for the talking heads to realize that the house was on fire.

Third: the time between the initial incident and the start of the fire was only about three hours. Sounds like there was a real marathon negotiation going on there. The cannisters started flying right after Sheriff Baca had a tearful news conference wherein he announced the demise of the officer that had been shot.

Fourth: When the fire department initially started putting out water, they directed the stream from the unit on the left (facing the rear of the house) directly into the rear bedroom window where the fire started. The fire was still confined to that room and had not yet burned through the roof. Within a few seconds, they redirected the stream onto the house on the left (facing the rear of the house) and that is where it was kept even after that home was no longer threatened. By whose order was that stream redirected when the fire in the rear bedroom was still, IMHO, controllable?

Fifth: So what if he was an ex-felon. There were no restrictions on ex-felons on firearm ownership prior to the GCA68. That piece of fiat legislation circumvented the Second Amendment and the Bill of Rights. In the ninteenth century the bad guys, upon exiting prison, were issued their property; which included their rig that they wore when they were apprehended. Of course, that was back in the days when the Second Amendment meant something.
Gun Control: The premise that a woman found in an alley, raped and strangled with her own pantyhose, is morally superior to allowing that same woman to defend her life with a firearm.

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