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I thought this guys name sounded familiar. Anyway I found this on another board,

>>>Date: 8/31/01 14:05

I don't know if this will eventually come out or not but the truth
is that the suspect James Beck is a former DEA agent who several yearsago was arrested by the ATF for possession of machine guns. Funny thingwas, the guy was properly licensed.

Unfortunately, he had several pre and post samples of each gun (like 25 MP5's,30 UZI's, etc). In any case, he was arrested, charged and tried.

First trial; hung jury.

Second trial;hung jury.

The feds decided to try a 3rd time so he filed lawsuit formalicious prosecution AND WON. Guess what, they tried him a 3rd timeanyway. Result, another hung jury.

Is it possible that the ATF wasgunning for this guy. Probably. The ATF spin doctors are already hardat work calling this guy a "sniper".

The fact of the matter is that when an arrest warrant is executed, it's not standard practice to havethe ATF as backup. They wanted to burn this guy out and use the fire asan excuse for the "destroyed evidence". This was a government sponsored retaliatory assasination. He didn't start the fire, the tear gas did.

Those are the facts.


Can anyone corroborate or refute this?
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