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Regarding the Waco SWAT shootout:

>>>A SWAT sniper rifle was discharged by accident <<<

-CENSORED--CENSORED--CENSORED-??? Had he been in my platoon, this "Sniper's"(dripping sarcasm) suffering would have been legendary for this BS. I probably would have been relieved for assault in dealing with this fool. Everyone involved in this goat rope should be beaten and dragged though the street for their stupidity. Obviously their admin discipline is inadequate.

Same goes for the clowns at this latest ATF fire, using flamable tear gas? Jesus, even the USMC has non-flammable riot control bursting CS, and I used a bunch back in 1996! This was obviously either intentional arson, or criminal stupidity. Either way, it needs to be prosecuted. S/F..Ken M
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