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Trapped - a real situation

The following scenario happend on the World Economic Forum in Zurich Switzerland where protesters demolished parts of downtown. A guy got out of a bar and into his BMW that was parked in front when suddenly about 30 rioters appeared from all sides armed with bricks, lead pipes and so on. They immediately started to hit the car and then went on and flipped it over. Then they just left for their next target. Fortunately the guy in the car wasn't hurt but of course the car was a wreck and the insurance company didn't pay a cent.

I've been discussing this with my buddies over and over again but we couldn't find out what to do instead of doing nothing like that guy did.

Of course you could argue that is not the best idea to go downtown at night when riots are going on, but the riots came as a surprise to everybody in Zurich since the Economic Forum took place in another part of Switzerland.

What could he have done instead? If he was armed (which he was not) he could have drawn his gun and try something. But what chance do you have against 30 guys surrounding you at close distance even if they don't have guns?
Calling the police wasn't an option eihter since that would have taken to long of course.

Except for the rioters the street in front of and back of him was empty so he could have tried to just run them over with his car. But if the car got stuck trying that the remaining perps most likely would have killed him.
Even though we know that probably it was the right thing that he didn't do anything I guess I would try to run them over if I was in that situation. Probably going forward (since that car was rear-wheel-drive) which would give me more control over the car and having a smaller chance of getting stuck with the drive wheels on some bodies.

What would you do? (Let's assume that you don't drive a Hummer, but instead that you would sit in that BMW.)
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