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Also, remember that SWAT fiasco recently where an officer shot another through the suspect's house? All the facts are not in, can we even be sure the officer didn't get shot by another? Can we even be sure the suspect was armed? I am awaiting more info, but for now I will not pass judgement either way.

If you are talking about the SWAT fiasco in Lubbock, TX the officer was shot via his partner. A SWAT sniper rifle was discharged by accident and startled the other officers. Officer Cox's partner must of had his finger on the trigger of his MP5. He jumped back and shot Officer Cox in the head at about 6 feet. Bullets (2) entered just under the kevlar helmet into the forhead.

Home owner Robinson had firearms in the house but was not armed.

For everyones information, I found out that he had told the police that he will not come out of his house to talk about what happened and told the police that he had lots of guns and to not try to come after him. This little tidbit comes from a reliable source. That is why the SWAT was called in.

I had been very critical of the Lubbock Police about why a SWAT team was called in when Mr. Robinson for what ever reason was not held for breaking any laws after being cleared of killing Off. Cox. With this information I now understand why SWAT was called.
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