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Unfortunately, Dangus, waiting for more information rarely satisfies those one either side who are hardcore about their beliefs concerning law enforcement, laws, tactics, and the rights of the people being sought by law enforcement. If the findings are that the guy in the house started the fire, people will claim it was a cover-up conspiracy because it was really caused by law enforcement (as in the Waco case). If it is found that the fire was started by the gas cannisters, there will be calls for an investigation against law enforcement for violating the rights of the guy inside and using weapons that are not appropriate. On the other side of the coin will be the folks that feel that if the guy started the fire himself, they should have just let him burn (assuming he stayed there - news I saw last night indicated they had not found his remains and they feared he had escaped). Others will probably say, what a great idea!

I think Coronach is probably right on this. Most LEOs have no interest in being in gun battles. They prepare for if they have to be in one, just like a lot of the private citizens do for their own circumstances, but private citizens don't want to be in gunfights either.
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