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The guy killed one sheriffs deputy and shot at responding deputies? I won't shed any tears for his demise.
You are probably right, and I think it's a shame that we have to question if he was right or not in this matter, but unfortunately when the ATF gets involved and starts burning down the house and all the evidence we really have no idea, and we don't know the truth about what those deputies were there to enforce, hell, they might have not even known the truth.

Though it's not nearly the same thing, lets look at a hypothetical:

Local police get orders to load certain people into planes at the airport so they can be sent to a Federal questioning facility. So the local police do it. Later, word leaks out from one of the rare few who escaped that they are torturing and executing prisoners there. Later you come up on the list and the police come for you. Now, they don't know that they are sending you off to die, but that's what they are doing. So, given a choice, would you kill them, or would you go to your death rather than kill these ignorant pawns?

No, it's obviously not the same thing, I am aware of that, but you see my point. After Waco, can we afford not to suspect the situation of any ATF raid, especially one where they burn the suspect alive? Also, remember that SWAT fiasco recently where an officer shot another through the suspect's house? All the facts are not in, can we even be sure the officer didn't get shot by another? Can we even be sure the suspect was armed? I am awaiting more info, but for now I will not pass judgement either way.
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