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OK... after much mucking around with a zillion variations that went not only nowhere, but killed three more cases (10-thou stretch&worse every shot), I went back to simplified assembly from 35 years ago:

- Annealed necks using 750 Tempilaq
- Cleaned/sonic'd/walnuted the cases
- Trimmed to 3.25" perxactly
- Used Lyman BlkPwdrGold* Lube cut as a 0.2"-thick/quartered disk as grease cookie
- Sandwich the cookie between 2 0.060" veg cards hand-pressed home
- put a "release" 0.030 card above cookie sandwich
- Shoot cases Unsized
- Hand-insert bullet: just enough friction w/ paper patch to retain
- Kicker duplex charge of 10gr 4759
- Enougth GoEX 1Fg to result in an UNcompressed charge column giving me ~⅓" shank depth (~89-90gr -- 152 volume setting on the Harrells)
- Wiped 1x-&-out Damp Patch, followed w/ 1x-&-out dry between shots . . .

* Only use I've found in the 15 years I've happened to have the tube of it -- normally use DLG in the grooved&Lubed game

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