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We saw M14's used for long after they were phased out as well as every other rifle in the History of the US Army during a transition period. There will be an overlap where both the new 6.8mm weapons and 5.56mm will be service. The 5.56mm going to the support units with those most likely to encounter the enemy on the battlefield having priority for the new 6.8mm. That does not mean the US Army is holding onto 5.56mm because it is great. Just like every other war, some folks had to soldier on with less than steller gear.

Army wants its Next Generation rifle ASAP, but it still has to buy a bunch of M4s to keep soldiers shooting
The timeline is tight, by weapons development standards, as the Army expects the companies to have a mature weapon, possibly ready for fielding, in just over two years, or late 2021, Lt. Col. Jason Bohannon, head of PEO Soldier, Crew Served Weapons, told Military Times in January.
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