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Access road to shooting range in Unicoi, TN washed away...


Due to recent area flooding, the access road to mine and hubby's favorite range (and perhaps the range itself) has been washed away!


The road is torn all to heck - hubby and I could still have made it through in our Jeep to see if the actual range is still there, but the range is closed and the entrance roped off.

We discovered this sad fact last weekend when we drove out for an afternoon of shooting, and we went out there again last night to see if repair efforts have begun, but alas... NO.

We'll be giving the Forest Service a call (the range is a part of Cherokee National Forest) to try and get a bead on when things might be ship-shape again... (SOON, I hope... we don't pay our two bucks for nothin', grumble grumble...)
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