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Are they really legal?


I've always had a desire, since I was a little kid, to someday acquire a machine gun, particuarly an AK-47, M60, MP5, TEC9, MAC10, and ever since I saw that Glock full auto, I want that too...(how about that flamethrower while we're at it, too?!!) They look like a lot of fun, but in the U.S., are they actually legal to possess- in full auto or just semi-auto, and where can we shoot these badboys?

If it is legal for us to own full-auto, how can I find what state allows them, and where I can use them in those states? If they are allowed, what legal stuff do I have to go through to get them? Is cost a big part?

I'm graduating from college at Western IL. U., in 1.5 years, I'm from Chicago, and the geographic location where I get a job, depends on the type of guns I am allowed to have. I like hunting and shooting, and where ever I can live that has the best hunting, and loose gun restrictions, is the place I will call home, eventually.

If you can help, I'd appreciate it! I thoroughly enjoyed the full auto clips from


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