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And in practical application, Wiki is wrong:

"Head space is a rifle manufacturing tolerance that allows ammunition from all manufacturers to be used in a like chambered rifle."
[Wrong -- See image Post#16 ]

"...As a reloader..." Cartridges do not have head space."
Wrong again -- Cartridges do have a headspace dimension. Ignore that at your peril. Again See Post#16 ]

"Nor can you adjust or fix bad head Space by doing anything to the case."
Wrong again. You may adjust/match [case] headspace dimension to [chamber] headspace dimension and all is right in the world. [just keep the two together.]

It always bothers me when priests invoke the "Doctrinal Religion of Headspace" to say that your own "Head" space can't apply itself to both understanding and solving a problem.
(But I guess that requires a PhHD [doctorate of headspace philosophy] to apply]
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