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Stuff usually expands more in jugs of water than gel (or the road killed deer I've used).

After denim in jugs of water:

124/9 EFMJ +P 3 jugs/.53
124/9 Gold Dot +P 5/.49
125/357SIG GD 5/.49

165/40 EFMJ 5/.52
165/40 Supreme SXT 4/.69
165/40 PMC JHP 4/.66

The champs so far:

155/40 Starfire 3/.81
180/40 Starfire 4/.79

It is what it is; a non-hollowpoint that expands. No more, no less. If it actually does that better/more consistently than the better JHPs out now remains to be seen.

It is a better choice than FMJ, I'm not convinced yet it's a better choice than JHPs. The "success rate" for 165/40 EFMJ in the FBI test series does not appear to be as good as the 165 GS, GD, HS from what I've seen so far and is not a top scorer the way they add things up. Correct me if I'm wrong.

If you think JHPS are better, but are considering EFMJ for legal reasons, they may not be as "court proof" as some think either. While they are not "hollowpoints" EFMJ are designed to "expand and flatten easily in the human body" and they are internally "pierced with incisions", meeting the definition of some "evil" ammo anyway. Or close enough for some lawyers who have told me they could make them sound just as evil as hollowpoints, and you just as evil for using them. You may be OK with the letter of the law where you are, but they can still try to dazzle a judge/jury about your intent to cause "unecessary suffering". The JHPs the police use weren't good enough for you, you had to get something "special", etc. Could bite you more than JHPS, not less.

It is good ammo. Is it better than what we already have, better in court? Time will tell.

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