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Here in Nazi Jersey, the law is a bit vague as to the implcations of actually shooting a gremlin in your home with a hollow point. Buying, owning, going to the range and shooting HP are no problem. I don't want to make it any easier for some prosecutor looking to make his bones. No one had it locally so I ordered a couple of boxes from I can't order from Ammoman as the state oink doesn't allow him to ship intra-state. Ran four mags through my 1911 the flat-nosed EFMJ fed and chambered as slick as any hardball. No chrono but recoil felt solid, and function was authoratative.
So my house gun is now loaded with EFMJ. If push come to shove and I can't figure a way to get the body loaded into my van and dumped somewhere, at least there will be one less thing to explain.
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