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Why I haven't subscribed?

- Well, name is one thing. Maybe I'm to PC, or anti government or whatever, but SWAT isn't really me. I could tolerate it if the magazine is good though. But I'd really like TFL better.

- I don't think I have seen it in stores here (Sweden), or if I have I have probably not looked into it because of the name. And I'd like to have a look at what type of mag it is before I subscribe (but homepage can be enough).

As it is I have a subscription of Guns & Ammo that is running out soon. G&A isn't the best mag, but it buy it to get a look at new stuff thats coming, I have been thinking about letting the subscription drop and get something else, better instead.

The price would be higher then G&A ($37 instead of $27) for less numbers, but if the content is better it would be worth it I think.

I will see if I can find a issue here, and if I like it I will probably get a subscription.
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