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I haven't subscribed mainly because of the memories I have of the magazine from my high-school years (I'm 30 now). I remember it being about the quality of Guns and Ammo, but much more wanna-be. That could be my recollection though -- if I remember correctly the only SWAT magazine I purchased featured a new 9mm suppressed AR-15-ish Colt (about 12-15 years ago, right)?

The name has something to do with it too. I buy the occasional Soldier of Fortune (a name almost as bad) because the quality of coverage they offer is worth the weirdness some of my wife's (MD) friends might feel if they saw me buying it. Reminds me that I've been meaning to subscribe...

What the hell -- I'll give SWAT a shot. I like what you've done around here Rich -- I'll give you the benefit of the doubt on the magazine.

A name change might not hurt, though. TFL wouldn't be a bad start.
-- Derek

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