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Jim March
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What I suspect about this stuff...

From all the reports I've seen, in any given caliber there might be JHPs that outperform the E-FMJ, BUT the E-FMJ seems to have three upsides:

1) Expansion across a very wide velocity range - meaning, if your barrel is very short or very long for the caliber, these things look good.

2) Clog-resistant, expansion isn't affected by outer cloth.

3) Reliable feeding in slideguns.

Note that the first two points are just as valid in revolvers as slideguns! I'd really like to see the 124grain 9mm load sized up a hair and loaded in .38, .38+P and .357. They could prove to be the best snubbie loads ever.

I like the idea of a load that may not work the very best, but will ALWAYS work .

Jim March
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