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Mr. Hansen


First off.. I`m new to these forums, and I like what I see with them.

Second, I am a subscriber to your magazine, and look forward to every issue, it gets read cover to cover (and saved as reference material).. you can be sure of that.

That being said.. I do have one complaint about your latest issue though. In your opening column you welcomed Clint Smith aboard as a new contributing writer, which is a good thing.. he is an excellent instructor/writer and he will do nothing but raise the level of the articles in your magazine. My problem is this.. you left someone out.. Pat Rodgers... I have been reading his articles in Tactical Shooter and TAR since he started writing them, and was a bit erked that he didn`t get so much as a "oh yeah, he`s here too". He writes excellent articles and makes it easy for the reader to understand what he is trying to relay to them, besides being one of the "been there-done that " warrior class that the world needs more of. Just thought you might like to let the rest of your readership know about something they could be missing out on.

Other than that , Keep up the good work..

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