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OK, we'll let the cat out of the bag--but just a little.
In the next few months we'll be overhauling some existing columns in S.W.A.T. and adding a few new ones. One of the new columns will focus on true life occurances where a citizen being lawfully armed made a difference between life and potentially death. We'll want to know if the person had to shoot or not, or possibly the mere presence of a gun made would-be attackers seek easier prey. On the other hand, maybe just being aware of your surroundings possibly saved a life, such as passing by a cafe because persons in the parking lot just didn't look "right."

We want to know what tactics worked and what tactics failed. What would you do the same and what would be your "do-over." We want to share and pass along experiences that save lives. As Rich said, "the real lessons are in the debrief." And who better to debrief us than the person it happened to?
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