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Since we are talking tactical use it probably doesn't make a bit of difference between the two. You shouldn't have to be shooting at distances over 60-70 yards. Remember that the average SWAT team sniper shot is only about 75yards and they have those fancy scopes on rifles that shoot 1/2MOA groups out to 300 yards and more (Of course they don't get to bring their benches to use at the scene and they are usually out of breath to get there or about blind from looking through the scope so long, plus the problem with the adrenaline, etc.), but LEO's don't get to readily disengage like we civilians can. I would use the reduced recoil slug that shoots best in my gun and hits smack dab in the middle of the 00 pattern at the tactical limit of the buck when it is sighted at 60-70 yards. That raises another point: why is everybody pushing their magic bbl/choke mods that are supposed to give you fist size groups of Buck at xx yards then the instuctor tells you to slug up at anything past 12-15 yards. Am I missing something besides the business end of the equation? My stock 870 cylinder bbl will deliver good enough at that range as it comes from the factory w/o a $75 tap job and a fancy $100 choke or $200+ of bbl mods.
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