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Somebody at Big Green isn't earning their pay,
but we knew that already.Since this is a family BB,I won't say what I think that Remington Spokesperson is talking out of....

UK2TX, length is oft debated, but a good one seems to be 1 1/2-2 inches.Polishing is essential, concentricity is crucial, it takes the right jig and tools to do it correctly.

TTBOMK, the only breechloading shotguns EVER made w/o forcing cones were a few old Brit Waterfowling shotguns with no chambers per se, and used only with very thin, special brass cases carefully handloaded. Very rare, and modern loads seem to surpass their performance, good for the time.

One thing about long cones, and I'm an enthusiastic user of same. While an excellent mod with little/if any downside, they're not mandatory for good performance.Wildeyed but semi educated guess, they cut recoil 3%, and improve patterns by maybe 5-10%.

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