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Thanks for the further info.

I will try to buy a 390 from a local shop first. I live about 4 blocks away from my fav. gunshop and they told me to try a mass retailer for more "common shotguns" as they're moving twoards black-rifles, handguns, and "exotics" (managers words, not mine) which in all other things is good, as it mirrrors my other interests perfectly except this particular instance.

I'll even try the big sporting chains like sportmart and Dunham's And our local Gander Moutain/Cabela's first, and use Wally as a last resort. (Although, I feel that Wally deserves some support, as they do thier part by at least keeping firearms as a "normal" and "American" thing by being the last major chain to keep firearms visible to the public.)

BTW. to Dave McC, I didn't mean to malign the 870, just open-bore beat-to-s**t rusty rentals with 10 different feeling triggers, and 10 different stocks! As I'm used to messing with my cut-down sporterized .308 Ishapore, and my .44mag Winchester Trapper, and slugs in my Mossberg 590, trap loads in pumps don't bother me in the least.

So far I'm happy, repeatedly nailing 22/25 each time with the rentals, since the last half of this summer's leauge. Although 23/25 and more, has eluded me, even so much as a one-time fluke, and I want to do better with something that's "mine".

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