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Well, I have actually gotten a pretty decent sense of what the wrench looks like, just by reading these posts. I haven't even looked closely at the nut yet. I just knew from previous posts that I'd more than likely need one to change the fore end, so I thought I'd get the wrench before I even got into the task.

What was confusing me is that the wrenches are fashioned in two different ways. One is just a flat piece of steel cut at the end to engage the two recesses in the nut. The other is a round piece of metal--a pipe basically--cut to fit the same notches at one end and with a handle at the other end. (This is the more expensive wrench that Brownells sells.)

Seems to me that it is similar to a spike wrench for a golf cleat. And those come in two models as well. I have both the nice, round kind that I bought as well as the flat pieces of metal that come with a pack of spikes.

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