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My 390 is one of the Wal Mart guns. I have heard some gun shop commandos slam it saying that Beretta sends second rate guns to Wal Mart as do Remington and Ruger. Thats a bunch of um, rubbish. My best research indicates that the Wal Mart model is the same as the Sporting Clays, having a synthetic stock, and lacking the stock shim kit and front swivel for a sling. Both those parts are available for less than $10 if you need them. It also lacks a magazine cut off which I discovered most people didn't use any way. One last remark, for some reason it lacks a recoil pad. I shot 2 rounds of trap without one and am a little sore today. Get one.

As far as price, the local Wal Marts here have them all for $525. Have a clerk double check the price ont he computer. When the Rem 1100 were closed out, not all stores had the $328 price tag but the scanned at $328. I got my Beretta from them for $450 because it was the last one and had two minor scratches which I rubbed out at home...
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