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Thanks for the info.


I have shoulderd both and was leaning a bit twoard the Beretta myself, and all the info seems to be giving it the slight nod (although both appear to be good) over the 1100 as well. I liked the Beretta a bit better for it's feel, but it was close, and who had the most/best accessories and mods would tip my hand.

Is the "sporting model" that some of you are referring to the ones already set up to some degree as a clays gun, or was that the black polymer furniture Wal*Mart model 390? (Since I'm seeing those for $569 there!)

And where did you get the ~$525 prices? Were these marked as close-outs for the new 391 Urikas, or thier normal price?

I think it is a Beretta, 390 now just a matter of which, where, and how much.

Thanks again,

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