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Point of aim questions RE UZI

Hello, I have several questions regarding point of aim on a full sized UZI with a 10 inch barrel.

1) Does the point of aim normally shift to the left when a wooden stock is installed, ralative to normal with the steel stock? If so, why would that be?

2) Does anyone have any experiance converting the peep site to an open sit by grinding off the top until it looks like a vee? If so is it better to grind all the way to the bottom of the circle or only halfway through so the vee would have a little divot in the bottom? Adn it the sit is ground off is it better to use the 100 yard side or the 200 yard side?

3) Are there any tables of bullet drop at varous ranges? The only tables I can find are related to pistols with 4 inch or 6 inch barrels.

4) Can an Uzi be converted to closed bolt configuration to improve its target performance?

Thank you.
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