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SWAT Mag Subscriptions


As a relatively new TFL member, here are my reasons (excuses ) for not subscribing:
1) SWAT Magazine: Sounds like it's targeted to the LE community. Unitll Denny Hansen's post listing the future articles and general direction of the magazine content, I had no reason to change my mind.
2) I have not noticed it on the magazine stands that I normally use. It may be there, but I never recall seeing an issue at Eckerd's or Kroger's. Maybe I need to get out more! Anyway, I have no clue as to SWAT's previous life.
3) In light of the above and with tight money rules in force, I haven't done the deed.

After reading Denny's post, I just might dedicate the next availablge $20 to the mag. Sounds like a good deal.

Good luck all and God bless you all........
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