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Baikal Rules

I really enjoy finding a gun that cost little and does a lot. I just took out two new O/U 20 ga. shotguns and shot some clays. It was my third time shooting clays and my first time shooting the Baikal and the Fabarm. The heavier grip on the Fabarm made it a better gun for my large hands. The Fabarm retails at about 3 1/2 times the price of the Baikal. Both shot flawlessly and I did equally well. I made it really tough on myself by using a full choke. They were still breaking 20- 22 of 25. The clays were not only breaking, but turning into dust. Both swing easily, triggers seem to break nicely and both eject with equal ease. The Baikal is a bit easier to close. Now the best part is the Baikal cost $319 from CDNN. I had so much more fun than shooting the 12 ga. 1100 and I broke far more targets. I interpret that to mean that the 20 ga. guns fit me better. Amy gave them a try, of course the LOP was way long, but the real problem was that she could not close them. It's bad enough that I need to tension the trap spring, but I can't be locking her gun. The 870 pump should work great for her.
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