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Actually there have been 2 "complaints". When I first began fooling with the idea I was making the mag from a simple tube soldered to a modified mag tube cap. The very first one I made came apart on the guy and he sent it back. I put some small pins in to help hold and that worked. And that became the standard for the next couple of extensions. But as more and more folks asked for these extensions I changed them completely. Now they are made from steel tubing threaded into a 1" long knurled piece that is bored and threaded internally on one end to accept the threaded tube and on the other to fit the square threads on the mag tube itself. I include a Wolff X-Long mag spring with these and the other "complaint" was a guy who didn't want to send his shotgun, just wanted the tube. As it turned out he cut the spring too short and the last shell didn't want to feed. The earlier design also required a bbl clamp for added support while the newer one doesn't. The first ones were also only available with a teflon finish. But with the newer design I've added parkerizing and bluing as finish options. These were the rage it seemed last year. I was making 2 or 3 a week there for several months but the new wore off I guess and now I might make one a month. I think by that you can see why choate and the others aren't as likely to mass produce them for anything but the 12 ga. George
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