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You can put several weapons on a 5320 and if not enuf space attach (staple) a seperate page with the balance on it. Best if this is all typed as it avoids confusion on unreadable handwriting.
BATF will NOT accept a fax as they require an "original" signature, the owners - NOT yours.
The 5320 gives him the Federal authorization to transit thru "non gun" states, but he Can Not stop in one of these states and shoot or display the guns. To do so would make him subjekt to arrest and the guns confiscated by the local law.
The weapons can be transported by common carrier - the name of which you must specify on the 5320 - or by private vehicle (POV). Anyone should be able to drive these to the new location with a copy of the 5320 and all form 4s. However since this guy sounds like a jerk, I'd tell him he has to do it himself.
I would personally be hesitant to send these by any commercial method as there are several problems - you must declare what they are, you "might" not be able to insure them for value and I just wouldn't trust my guns to some strange company to loose or damage.
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