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For the cynic: GUN RAG, the journal of elitist whores of the gun trade

For the naughty types: LOVING ARMS, full page spreads of full capacity magazines and the men and women who love them. Shocking, explicit and no holds barred.

For the weekend warrior: RAMBO'S CLOSET, camo make up tips, one handed M-60 use, tips on choosing a REALLY big knife. This week we interview Cynthia Rorthrock...

For the boy scout : BE PREPARED tactics and training for a better tomorrow (what if that little old lady you helped across the street pulls an uzi?) the citizen's arrest, return of the lanyard, etc.

For the traditionalist: It ain't a swat.. its a COWA (can of whoop-ass). Stooping power of the 45-70 in 'tactical applications', why leather is better than courdura etc. enter our "break a scout rifle with a big assed rock contest". Runner up name: Packing Iron

For the snob: the Black Magazine, to the outsider it means nothing.. to the insider well.. if you have to ask you don't know do you? Comes in a cellophane wrap with no explanation. The antis fear it like the anarchists cookbook, but its on sale in every grocery store in america.

For those who enjoy yanking the chains of the Antis... BIG %$#&^% GUNS, yes all the biggest scariest most leathal hardward and tactics served up with the subtlety of a hollowpoint to the forehead. This mag actually DOES the goat test. Runner up names, Trigger Happy, Gun Nutz.

For those with a sense of irony: BIKINI GIRLS WITH MACHINE GUNS, of course only women are on the staff and thier targets all look like thier ex-boyfriends, no BS and good tactics though. These girls don't shoot to wound. Runner up names: Rich's Angels, Chicks Packing Heat, Gun Grrlz

and my personal favorite:

THE PROFESSIONAL tactics for citizens and law enforcement, or tactics and training for the future (this can appeal to both leo and civilians alike) Should you clear a room or call for backup? You only have 10 rounds.. how to make them count. Or is the 1911 really "obsolete"? (the most popular tfl topic of late)

Just a few thoughts, but hey i've only been in magazines for 7 years or so.
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