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Which auto for clays?

I'm new to trap, just finishing up my first leauge this summer, and I've been shooting on the club's rentals: stock, open bore Rem 870 pumps while I was learning. Not the most suitable gun for trap, but a fair fraction of shooters in the leauge are using field guns and it hasn't left me at much of a disadvantage yet. Also, I figured changing guns mid-leauge might really scew up my scores.

I obviously want my own shotgun, and would like the option to try doubles and sporting clays etc., which would leave out pumps and single barrel break actions. My budget dosen't allow for even the reasonably priced over/under doubles like a Ruger or Browning, so I think that my best option right now is an auto. (which I think I'll be partial to anyway)

I was looking at the Remington 1100, and the Beretta Al 390's and was wondering which would be better in terms of accesory availibility such as adjustable comb stocks, drop spacers/(washers?) and replacment high-rib barrels so I could eventualy part together a fitted gun from a field gun as money allowed.

Any ideas welcome. Thanks
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