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I sent my snail mail subscription in on faith as soon as I heard about it. I subscribed on faith due to the quailty of TFL, my trust in your enterprise and the high hopes I have that the magazine will exceed my expectations and truly be unique. I'll tell you, with the quality of gun rags out there now, this ought to be a walk in the park for a high-roading truth-telling hype-busting TFL'er.

I'm certain you'll get a slew of subscriptions from TFL'ers out of a sense of duty to TFL, in spite of your insistance that people not as a way to pay you back. What you probably won't see, however, is a slew of re-up's at the end of year if the mag does not prove to be all we expect it to be. I just let my American Handgunner lapse after only a year...a disappointment to say the least. The one thing you can be assured of, if you get a high TFL'er-count in your subscriber base, is that you will be given absolutely no slack, basically a zero-tolerance policy for BS or soft-ball reviews or interviews. BS is a snowball in hell on TFL and your new mag is going to get the treatment, I'm sure.

- Gabe
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