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I'd been carrying a vial of the stuff for some time, thinking that it might be a reasonable option to producing my handgun in some isolated circumstance. My mother-in-law had been complaining about the neighbor's dog coming into her yard & harrassing her, so I "volunteered" to do some yard work for her. Sure enough, the little twirp showed up, barking & nipping at my heels (had to have weighed less than 12 pounds). I gave him a GOOD, long blast, right between the eyes. He stood back about 5 feet (which he would do anytime you looked right at him) for 10-15 seconds, then trotted back home in a seemingly happy gait. I really expected some kind of yelping, spinning, rolling display, before making a beeline outta there, but he showed no sign of irritation. He layed down in a comfortable position & watched me finish my work from the safety of his own yard. He was a little reluctant to come into the yard after that day though, and that's about all of the deterrant factor I'd ever place on the stuff.
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