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Some of us are unaffected by pain during conflict. Might be somewhat genetic...younger brother sprayed himself in the face when he was 12. On purpose. His eyes and nose ran, and he professed that it hurt.

2 years or so, ago, I needed to use my computer. My little dog had decided to camp out under my computer desk with her bone. She gave me "the Look". I politely explained that I did not want what she had, that I just needed to use the computer.

She refused to believe me. I explained again, in my most pleasant voice, that I really only needed to use the computer. She growled.



I gave her the shortest burst I could, a barely discernible squirt.

She immediately explained that this was all a misunderstanding, that she hadn't meant to growl at me at all, and snuggled up next to my chair.

I sprayed myself for good measure. Nasty tasting stuff. I think the bad taste is from the inert ingredients, not the pepper.
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