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The phase in has already been thought about and decided upon. Whether we do the name change is the issue. However, a review of the content suggests that S.W.A.T. is not an appropriate title.

Yes, there are articles on various Agencies and teams in the magazine....this is as it should be. Those organizations contribute greatly to advances in tactics that can be used by all...and much is to be learned there by anyone who wishes to avoid or win a firefight. But S.W.A.T. is designed as a magazine for serious shooters.....not a fluff piece for advertisers of products.

As to some of the suggestions so far, I need to remind you that keywords in a mag title catch the eye. "Tube Week" would hardly be recognized as TV Guide by an eye scanning 200 titles. Magazines are impulse buys and the title has to cause the eye to recognize a word of interest and STOP. There's a reason why every firearms magazine has the word "gun", rifle" or "firearm" in the title. Keep this in mind.
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