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Been awhile since I posted, but this interests me. Out here in the Republik of KA, when the heat is up and I wear shorts and a Tshirt, I carry a Weigand "Street Fighter" S&W 442 snub in a Thunderwear rig (lt hand draw) and a S&W titanium in the right front pocket with an Uncle Mike's nylon pocket holster, plus a couple speed strips.

Never been "made" and even friendlies who know can't spot 'em. Very comfortable, concealable, and 10 for sure! Went through a Louis Awerbuck 3 day pistol class with this set up, and everybody else in the class had Glocks / Sigs, etc., I held my own. Draw time was comparable to their belt holsters with the Thunderwear, and even faster with the pocket snub. I was at a disadvantage on the reloads, however.

Works for me, give it a shot!

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