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My $.03

I think true combat arts are (read: should be) holistic/ecletic.
Self defense is different than true combat though. For many reasons, but one key reason is that goal is different. In combat [war, violent crime from the goblin's perspective, or whatever you want to call it] your using force to gain something.

Self defense should focus on attacks launched from close range with little or no warning. In other words self defense should focus on IAD's [immediate action drills] for ambushes. Problem with defense is that it is very easy to lose. How many serious students of any combat art would expect to fail if they ambushed someone?

The more I study self defense the more I think unarmed self defense skills should focus on reflexive counters to basic striking and grappling attacks; such as, attacks to the head/neck, chokes, low kicks, and simple take downs. I would include footwork and distance control in those techniques. Most of one's time should be spent on being able to deflect, evade, or block initial attack in such a way as to gain time/distance to employ effective offensive technique. Preferably using a weapon for the offensive part.

So currently I study kali, aikido, ninjitsu, & wing chun type techniques for the defensive part of self defense skills. Focusing on how not to meet force head on with force but to redirect/evade while postitioning myself to attack from behind or flank.
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