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Would the Bowers Board do instead? There's a lot of folks there with a lot of experience.

I personally don't want to write the BATF and ask them about this as I do NFA business with them and don't want to take a chance they'll confuse the hypothectical with reality.

Here is the form the questions will take :

1) If I decide to move to a non-friendly NFA state, must my Class 3 weapons be sold or surrendered (outside the new state of residence), or can I keep them in a NFA friendly state under my control and with proper notification to the BATF?

For example, if I was moving from Florida to New York : as a new resident of the state of NY, I'd like to leave the weapons with my parents (in NFA Friendly Florida) in a locked vault where only I have the combination and access. I'll be traveling back to visit them and occasionally shoot the weapons. The weapons were originally purchased and registered in Florida where I lived.

2) Does a corporate owner of NFA weapons relinquish any Fourth Amendment rights to search, i.e. the BATF can perform a warrantless and unannounced search of the corporate premises? The corporation is NOT a SOT or FFL holder, just the registered owner of Class 3 weapons.

I'm posting them tonight, approximately 01:33 EST Monday on the MG Discussion Board.

Robert, if I'm right I don't want you to eat crow. I don't want anyone to run afowl (bad crow joke) of the GCA/NFA regulations.
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