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When left at the dealer, it is done exactly as chetchat described. Locked where only the owner has the keys to the locked box. The box is them placed in a vault.

We were out shooting this afternoon discussing this issue and all agreed that it's not as clean cut as thought. And when dealing (and owning) in machine-guns, one is suppose to be way above reproach.

Tell you what. Send ATF a email stating that you are moving to lets say the state of Washington. That as a resident of the state of Washington, you will be leaving the firearm with your parents in a locked vault where only you have the combination. That you will be traveling back to your non state of residence to shoot this machine-gun ever now and then. If they tell you that it's cool, you'll convince me and I'll eat crow. Sound fair?

Corporate issue! Not even going to go there. We have already seen it happen.


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