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I am right-handed and left-eyed. I bought 2 BPS just because of this. A 12 and 20 ga. I love the 20 because it looks good and shoots good and is light enough that it is just fun to use it. The 12 is great too, but kind of barrel heavy. Both guns are definitely quality products. If you can get a 20ga BPS with the gold embossing on the engraving she might want to buy it just because it is so pretty.

Can your wife handle either BPS before you purchase it so she can get some idea of how heavy it may feel to her, and you? As far as the tang safety I think it is a really good feature. The BPS is a good ambitexerous gun. It would be gun you both could shoot and enjoy.

Will you be doing skeet and sporting clays? how fast can she pump? I have used mine for doubles on skeet but not for sporting clays.
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