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I have to take issue with several statements made...

Find a class III dealer first and let them guide you through the process.
This is VERY good advice.

If you move to a non Class III state, the firearm must be sold or surrendered (outside the new state of residence).
Not true. If you move to a non-NFA state you can store the weapon in a NFA-friendly state - happens all the time. The key is that you must retain control of the weapon - meaning only you have access to the weapon. Storage in a bank deposit box or a safe for which only you have the combination are two examples of how this can be done.

Signature is not required for corporate ownership, but you do surrender your 4th Amendment rights when you do so. Corporations have no Fourth to stand on. AFT can come and inspect premises at will.
Not true. You surrender no rights as a corporate owner of NFA weapons. The ATF cannot "come and inspect premises at will". Mere owners of NFA weapons, corporate or otherwise, have all the rights and priviledges as ordinary citizens - they forfeit no rights.

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