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Almost got a deal on a full auto.. question

I'd like to go into this deal with my eyes a little more wide open so can you help me to understand this.

If I move, do I have to tell the ATF about it cause of the gun?

Do I have to pay another tax or something?

Do I need permission from the local law enforcement before hand as well? If moving that is?

Do I have to get permission from my local law enforcement where I am at now b4 doing this via corporate transfer? That was something the guy told me about. Dealing directly with the ATF about the taxes and cutting out the local law enforement signing off on this.

Do most gun ranges have "no full auto" usage policies on there ranges?

Are there any states (besides cali that every damn thing is just about illegal) that full auto is not legal? Basically, can I move without having to worry about this gun more than any other gun in my collection?

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