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George - are you referring to Friday's BBQ or at the shoot on SATURDAY? I can bring one of those little propane grills - they hold more than 5, depending on the size of the brats. (Size DOES count after all!!) Sounds like I don't have NEAR enough ammo, and no time to reload as I'm still trying to finish up putting down hardwood floors. I just got another 100 rounds of .38 Super and I guess that should make my total about 150 or so of that, plus a couple of boxes of factory .444 Marlin, a box or so of .30 Carbine (my Blackhawk and Marlin 62 lever), and some miscellaneous .44 Mag. for the Redhawk. I'll just have to bring what I can!

Let me know about the grill at the BBQ Friday.

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